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Like many people, I have collected MANY cookbooks over the years (and that’s not counting the magazine cuttings). And I expect like many people, I have just a few tried and tested faithful recipes from each book. You can tell which ones they are: the page falls open and some of the ingredients are splattered on the page! But when trying to pass onto my son those recipes that are simple, tasty and quick, they become much more difficult to find!

So this blog was born. Not to replace my beloved books, but to share with him, his friends and every other young adult moving into their own place for the first time, a few of the faithful. These are the ones I hope will provide a balance of quick and easy recipes for tasty meals when home alone, to impress a new date or entertain a crowd.

But tell me what you think. And if you have some ‘simple, tasty and quick’ recipes for the novice cook that eats meats and leaves, feel free to share….


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