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Recipe book imageI left home 30 years ago knowing how to boil an egg, make ‘baked beans on toast’, maybe roast chicken but cakes were my specialty. Helpful if a friend popped over for afternoon tea but wasn’t going to last me long on the nutrition stakes. Now, my son is about to leave home on his next chapter. He likes to cook. I’ll miss his barbecued steak.

But rather than passing on my dog-eared recipe book, I’m hoping I can pass on some simple, healthy (mostly), and quick recipes in this blog. I once heard on the radio (Gabriel Gate maybe?) that everyone should be able to cook 60 dishes. And hopefully, over the last 30 years, I have 60 recipes that I can share. Accumulated along the way from family, friends, favourite recipe books and a few inventions. Keeping them simple for any twenty-year old (or older) is the test.

And that’s the aim for Eats Meats and Leaves. Sixty, simple dishes for the new home cook.


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